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Normal Cardboard Overspray Paint Mist Separator
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Product: Views:301Normal Cardboard Overspray Paint Mist Separator 
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LX Paint Mist Separator Systems

LX Carton Filters are a paint mist separation system – also called labyrinth separator, It's not just a simple filter.

LX Carton Filters are a system for paint mist separation in the coatings sector, The system is based on a handy cube – produced from natural raw material-corrugated cardboard. Flexible in handling and easy to upgrade, It has a high absorption capacity and is cost-effective in disposal as in most cases the boxes can be disposed of in incineration plants.

LX Carton filters are assembled according to the principle of a building block system of any size to a complete separation surface.

Galvanized metal sheet for mounting rack.

The function of the LX systems are independent of the interaction of these individual system components in coordination with the air management and the surface material applied in the systems.


◆ Economical, flexible and efficient,high-class and environmentfriendly too.


The changeover from wet to dry coating reduces the costs of painting by many times :

➀ No water

➁ Expensive paint sludge disposal as special waste is omitted

➂ No need to clean up paint contaminants in Wastewater

➃ Avoiding Use of chemicals (coagulation agents, de-foaming agents and bactericides, etc.)

➄ Corrosion of spray booth equipment is reduced

➅ Maintenance costs are avoided without pump equipment

➆ Costs of cleaning spray booth equipment are reduced

➇ Economical supply and storage by disassembled boxes


Easy conversion of existing systems; can be used for all surface materials; the system can be expanded and extended; wide range of variants of the L X secondary filter systems.


Absorption capacity up to 100 kg/m2 and more depending on material in use, degree of separation up to 97% with proper application and Matching LX secondary filtering


Low-cost disposal of the dried paint (e. g. in the incineration plant), with no chemicals required

▼ Hommization

The noise level in the coating zone is reduced to a value between 15 and 20 dB; no odour in manual operation area.

◆ LX systems are offered in depths of 300 mm and 500mm respectively. Fundamentally, the LX systems should be used with a depth of 500mm, Its deep construction design ensures extremely high storage capacity and also the necessary degree of separation. An LX systems are offered in depths of 300 mm and 500 mm respectively,It is possible too combine ANDDWIN cubes of different types and depths. (Air ventilation performance and special slide-in elements must be adapted in these applications)

◆ Working Principle:

Special shapes are available only in exceptional cases from the manufacturer on request.

master-stroke of the LX system lies secretly in the inconspicuous boxes: The paint mist is guided by under-pressure in the complex system consisting of edges and openings in order to achieve maximum absorption. The potentiating effect of the absorption surface。the arrangement of the various guiding systems and utilisation of the centrifugal force facilitate the revolutionary absorption capacity of the system.

◆ The filtration efficiency of box type paint mist filter can be as high as 90%, the filtration efficiency will be enhanced with the increase of saturation, on the contrary,the filtration efficiency of filter cotton fiber decreased with the increase of saturation (surface blockage).

◆ Box type paint mist filter load capacity of up to 20kg/, the filtering effect of 90% or more, with our own production of cotton and activated carbon filter, dust removal efficiency of up to 99%, while removing the smell of paint.

◆ LX Carton filters can meet the horizontal or vertical direction of the filter, even if the filter capacity of the paint is close to saturation, can still guarantee a certain amount of ventilation

◆It is suitable for large quantity and high spraying quantity. Used widely in: Automotive and suppliers, Motorbikes and suppliers, Trucks and busses as well as their suppliers, Furniture factory, and All plant manufacturers.

◆ The processing of fire-retardant corrugated cardboard (Certification DIN4102, testing for non-flammability, construction material class B1) makes the HTP-ANDDWIN system safe and robust in application.

◆ Proper construction and set-up of the individual elements and correct use or installation in the system are important for the working of the paint mist separation system.

Specifications and models:

LX-D300 485*485*295MM

LX-D500 480*480*490MM 500*500*500MM